Top Massage Chairs

Everyone need some time to relax especially after a long tiresome day at work. One of the best ways to make your body relax is through massage. Various studies that have been conducted have found out that massage can help relief pain from the body. In addition to that, massage can also help to reduce stress and anxiety besides lowering your blood pressure. Unlike the past where people used to go to a massage therapist, nowadays more and more people prefer buying their own massage chairs because it is more economical and convenient. Below is a list of top massage chairs you can consider.

4. Shiatsu massage chair.

This chair offers a kneading feature for back and neck, power roller for sku8o57oo86475i364u5point pressure and vibrators for feet and calves. No matter how much pain or tension you are experiencing, you can be sure that shiatsu massage chair will help take away all the pain and also help your body and mind relax. It features an elegantly compact design that easily fits into any corner. It also uses FlexGlide technology to provide the best therapeutic experience.

3. Osaki OS-400 massage chair.

This fully functional, zero gravity massage chair is equipped with amazing features that one would ever want in a massage chair. It is equipped with unique features that are specifically beneficial for those people who want hip, neck or shoulder massage. The recliner that this massage chair has allows you to choose from 6 amazing auto programs to suit your preference. These programs include therapy, relax, circulation, healthcare, and demo. It also offers numerous massage combinations the important ones being the combo, clapping, rolling and Swedish.

93749642662. Panasonic EP-MA73 real ultra pro.

This message chair features 3D rollers as well as heated foot massage that will give you an experience that many brands are not capable of delivering. This massage chair also uses a quadruple stretch technology that enables the users to stretch all body parts. In addition to that, EP-MA73 is reliable and effective, when it comes to relieving painful muscles, and tension, and promoting the smooth flow of blood in the body.

1. Inada Sogno dream weave.

This is one of the most advanced and highly rated massage chairs in the market. The movement is this luxury massage chair is based on the actual motion of professional shiatsu massage. They have been designed to mimic back mobilization movements that are usually used by professional physical therapist and chiropractors. In addition to that, this massage chair can be customized to your specifications.