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The Best Snake Bite Home Remedies

Snake bites are very dangerous so having a snake bite needs immediate medical care. Many people who were bitten by snakes reported that they were not near the hospital when they were bitten as they may have been jogging outdoors. Some people who failed to be immediately treated by doctors greatly suffered from the snake bite. There are also cases wherein people died because of the lack of immediate medical care. To avoid this kind of scenario, you must know some home remedies to cure snake bites. You can use these snake bite home remedies to save yourself if you are the one bitten or save other people.

Below is the list of the most effective home remedies for snake bites.Snake Bite 01

1. Apply activated charcoal on the wound created by the snake bite.

You must apply some dampened charcoal to the body part that was bitten by the snake. You should also create a small slit on the fang lesions so that your body can properly absorb the activated charcoal. Get a band-aid and some cotton and then firmly apply it to the body part that was bitten for the activated charcoal to be put in place over the wound.

2. Take at least two teaspoons of the dampened charcoal powder.

Before you take the charcoal powder, make sure first to dampen it because it may cause added danger to your lungs if it is not dampened.

3. Use a tourniquet and tie it tightly.

Snake Bite 03To slow down the circulation of the snake’s venom in your body, you need to get a tourniquet and tie it tightly around the part of your body that was bitten. Remember as well to move minimally and immobilize the part of your body that was bitten. It is also highly recommended to keep the body part that was bitten below the level of the victim’s heart because it greatly helps in slowing down the poison.

4. Get curry leaves.

A lot of scientific studies already proved that curry leaves are good in removing poison. Curry leaves are good in curing snake bites, liver diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes.

5. Use turmeric.

Turmeric is good for stopping bleeding. You must add the turmeric to a bowl of warm water that has Snake Bite 02sea salt. The turmeric will eventually stop the inflammation in your snake bite, and it can also slow the flow of the poison in your body.

Indeed, there are many snake bite home remedies that you must know for you to be ready if ever you or someone you know has been bitten by a snake. Just remember that you must not panic for you to be able to do the home remedies properly. Lastly, consult a doctor after doing one of the home remedies for snake bites so that you can be sure that you are 100% safe from the danger that the poison can create.