Simple Do-It-Yourself Ways To Cure Plantar Fasciitis

How to cure plantar fasciitis is one of the most asked questions by those who suffer from it or know someone that does. The first point to curing plantar fasciitis is knowing the cause. Some of the causes include repetitive wounds and high pressure on the plantar fascia. Second, you have to know the severity of the inflammation. Third, you should know the conditions that might have created the problem; these conditions include running, athletic, being overweight, and pregnancy. Knowing all this helps you go for the right treatment and learn how to cure plantar fasciitis.

Depending on how severe the condition is, you will either go for surgical or nonsurgical treatments. The nonsurgical treatments include some simple do-it-yourself ways of curing the condition. They include:

Resting your feetjhf7859876-

You can either limit or avoid activities causing the heel pain. If you are a runner, you can either take short distances or stop running altogether. You can also avoid walking and running on hard surfaces because they apply more pressure on your heel.

Stretching the fascia

You can prop the toes up against the wall and keep the heel and arch flat to stretch the toes. The trick here is to maintain consistency. For example, if you decide to hold a count of ten and repeat it 3-4 times, ensure you do it per day.

Putting ice on the heel

Ice reduces inflammation while relieving the pain. Also, you can combine this with a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug for more effectiveness. These drugs include Ibuprofen such as Motrin or Advil and Naproxen such as Aleve. The drugs are either in cream or pill form.

Wearing shoes with the right arch support and great shock absorption

If you walk long distances or are an athlete, take the time to get the athletic shoes or some shoes that are well-cushioned on the sole. This reduces the amount of pressure applied to your heel and with time, the plantar fasciitis.

kkut9875874Massaging the fascia with a frozen golf ball

Just roll a frozen golf ball under your foot. Do it back and forth while putting good pressure on all spots (medial, center, then lateral positions). Do this for 15 seconds on each spot then move to the next spot. Finally, go back and forth on the entire foot to ensure that you did not miss a spot.

Trying shoe inserts or heel cups

Shoe inserts and heel cups help in cushioning your heel. They are available at different athletic shoe stores or drugstores. Even if you only have the problem in one foot, buy and use them for both shoes.

Now that you have some information on how to cure plantar fasciitis go ahead and try it out. You can combine all these ways of curing the condition or select three that you can try depending on your daily schedules. It takes the right information to deal with a condition that might seem like difficult and costly to treat.